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AAP Displeased With Baby Advertisements

AAP Displeased With Baby AdvertisementsIf you leaf through your baby or parenting magazine you’d be sure to find one of those cute pictures of babies, pictures that will tug at any mommy’s heart. Unfortunately, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) is not pleased with many of them. Not in the least, according to this US News report. Because most of the pictures, especially those of sleeping babies do not reflect the safety guidelines to prevent sudden infant death (SIDS) as recommended by the AAP. Great photos as they are, they nevertheless set a bad example to parents and care givers.

Baby Ad Inconsistencies in Regards to SIDS:

  • Babies sleeping on their tummies. The AAP and other health organizations have been advocating the “Back to Sleep” campaign to prevent SIDS.
  • Babies on soft surfaces. The AAP discourages the use of pillows and soft blankets to prevent suffocation and overheating. Overheating is another factor that causes SIDS.
  • Babies co-sleeping with mommy. There is nothing sweeter than a sleeping Madonna and her child. The AAP doesn’t think so because it is strongly against co-sleeping even though many other groups advocate co-sleeping for the sake of mom-baby bonding and promoting breastfeeding.
  • Babies co-sleeping with other babies. The picture of Jennifer Lopez’s twins Max and Em sleeping in the same crib was really a slap at AAP’s face. I have twins myself and I admit I never let them sleep in the same crib mainly for practical reasons โ€“ they slept better that way and were less likely to disturb each other when one wakes up. But I know twins who couldn’t sleep away from each other.

Clearly, there is a big difference between what is safe and what makes a good photo. From a photographer’s view for example babies may look cuter “bottoms up.” And ads are all about photos that are cute and appealing and nice to look at. Plus the artistic license, of course.

What do you think?

Do you think the AAP has the right to “police” baby photos in ads, print and web media for safety reasons?

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