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A Pregnant Man: A Miracle, or an April Fool’s Day Hoax?


Read the update here- He Gives Birth!

An Oregon trans-gender man Thomas Beatie is allegedly 5 months pregnant with a baby girl.

Beatie was born female, but through hormones and surgery to remove his breasts, is married and lives as a man. His wife has medical issues that make it impossible to conceive, so he stopped his testosterone injections, waited for his periods to return, and conceived.

Accounts of the exact way the baby was conceived differs – some reports say donor sperm was used, and he is the baby’s natural father, some reports say donor eggs and sperm were used.

Apparently Oprah has offered the couple a 7-figure sum for the first TV interview with their baby.

Beatie is still living as a man, beard and all, and plans to raise the baby as her father.

Bizarre though this story is, it’s not the first time. Another trans-gender man and his partner conceived a baby in similar circumstances, and they now have a toddler son.

What do you think? Fake or real? And if this is real – I wish them all the best – what issues do you think will come up for their daughter?

Source – Guardian / Mirror

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