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Carcinogens in non-stick cookware also found in breast milk

Remember the post about carcinogens in your household? They are in your everyday kitchen equipment like non-stick cookware, in food packaging and in personal care products and they persist for a long time when released into the environment.

These perfluorinated compounds or PFCs seem to be more widespread than previously thought. They have been found in water supplies and animal life. Now they have also been detected in the blood of newborn babies as well as in mother`s milk. The milk samples were collected from 45 breastfeeding mothers in 2004 as part of a study that looks into environmental causes of breast cancer.

Though these findings may seem shocking at first, the amount of PFCs detected in breast milk is actually quite small and does not reach the minimum concentration that can be harmful to the baby as set by the U.K. Food Standards Agency Committee on Toxicology. In the end, the benefits of breast milk to the baby more than outweigh this minimal exposure to PFCs.


Science Daily 1 May 2008

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