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13-Year-Old Minnesota Cancer Boy On The Run With Mom

The arduous story of the 13-year-old boy suffering from Hodkin’s Lymphoma is causing controversy from the Midwest to the west coast.

Daniel Hauser, from Sleepy Eye, Minnesota, was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in January. He underwent the first of six planned rounds of chemotherapy the same month. Then, he refused any more treatment, apparently with the support of his parents.

When Daniel didn’t show for the second course of chemotherapy, his doctor suspected that his parents were involved in his decision to refuse treatment, and in April called Minnesota child protective services to report them for neglect.

A court ordered that Daniel should have chemotherapy.

Then on Monday, before the chemotherapy was due to begin, Daniel and his mother disappeared. The mother and son have been spotted in Southern California, and some believe that they are trying to get to Mexico for alternative cancer treatments. A warrant has been issued for his mom’s arrest and when the pair are found, Daniel will be placed in foster care and will be seen by doctors again.

According to doctors involved in the case, Daniel is almost certain to die from his cancer if he has no more treatment. If he does complete the chemotherapy, his chances of survival are as high as 90%.

There seems to be some connection to a religion, The Nemenhah faith, which favors natural remedies and healing. But even the leader of the Nemenhah faith has called on Daniel’s mom to bring him home for conventional treatment.

I’m writing this in the middle of the night. My son woke up screaming, about an hour ago, he has a nasty case of diaper rash and as I was holding him, trying to help him calm down, I would have done just about anything to stop the tears and stop it hurting. That’s how mothers feel when their child is sick or in pain. My son just has diaper rash. Her son has cancer. Terminal cancer. Terminal cancer that could kill him within the month, according to the doctor who diagnosed Danny’s cancer.

I don’t understand why this mother is not doing everything she can to help her son. I just don’t get it. Is it really his choice to refuse treatment?  And if it is, why isn’t she trying to convince him to change his mind, not run away with him?

There’s speculation that the first round of chemotherapy was so hard on Daniel that he is scared to go through any more. Chemotherapy is grueling – the medicine used is basically a poison and the side effects are painful. But most of us, if we are unfortunate enough to have to make the choice, would choose the chemotherapy over a painful death from cancer, especially when we have so much of our lives ahead of us.

I don’t understand it, and can’t begin to imagine how Daniel and his mother are feeling, or what their true motivations are. I only hope that Daniel is found before his cancer kills him, and that the right people will be able to help him decide what treatment he truly wants.

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