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Helpful And Personal Tips for Using Your New Digital Camera

helpfultipsdigital.jpgI have had my digital camera for almost a year and I wouldn’t know what to do without it. I take it everywhere with me-outside to play, to the store, to grandpa and grandma’s, running errands-I mean everywhere.

After using this camera for about a year, I do have some tips for the digital camera-totting mom.

1. As much as you don’t want to, you need to read your camera’s manual. I didn’t do that at first and it was 3 months before I found out my digital camera could take movies. Yea…I know. It is also important so you know how to use the camera correctly, the features you have at your disposal, and any additional equipment you will need to purchase later on.

2. Like I mentioned before, keep the camera with you at all times. My camera is always sitting on our hutch. It is just right there for any photo opportunities at home or if I need to leave in a hurry. You don’t want to be at McDonald’s and miss the photo opportunity of a lifetime, do you?!

3. Another important little piece of information is to take full advantage of free resources (such as the fantastic photography posts here at Babies Online). There are countless websites, blogs, and networks that can offer advice and inspiration. Another place to get some free information is your library. You can’t beat the library for free information like that.

4. One thing that I did was to have a little notebook to list all of the different kinds of pictures and shots I wanted to take. From there, I was able to start to experimenting with everything from lighting to camera settings, even to objects I looked through to take a picture. And the great thing is that if I take a awful picture, I can just delete it.

Digital Cameras are a wonderful thing with so much potential for all of us shutter moms out there. Now pick up those cameras, shoot tons of pictures, and stop back for more useful tips and a little inspiration.

Remember to enter our photo contest. Don’t miss the opportunity to show off some of your new pictures! You may even get some ideas for yourself.

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