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Weighing in on Celebrity Denial of Pregnancy

Celebrity Denial of PregnancyI don’t know about anyone else, but I find it ridiculous when celebrities come out in denial of pregnancy rumors when they know that they are in fact pregnant. The latest celebs to deny being pregnant was singer, Ashlee Simpson and her then finance, Pete Wentz; then voila, they are expecting.

Recently numerous photographs of Paris Hilton sporting what was assumed to be a baby bump were published with the question being asked, ‘Is Paris pregnant?’ Of course her reps all came out saying, ‘No, Paris is not expecting a baby.’ However, I no longer believe these celebs and their representatives when they deny pregnancy rumors for in most of the cases it turns out they were lying.

While, I believe celebrities have a right to privacy, I don’t much like being lied to. So you are not ready to tell the world that you are expanding your family, fine, but instead of saying you are not pregnant – don’t say anything. As my mom used to say, ‘It’s something that’s coming, so why say anything – time will tell.’

Most of us have had to wait for three months before announcing that we are pregnant for fear that we may have a miscarriage and I can understand that. I know some persons may disagree with me on how I feel, but I really find it ridiculous that someone denies something that a few months down the line they have to admit to just keep your trap shut. How do representatives of these stars teach their own children about honesty, when they knowingly and forcefully disseminate falsehoods on such a regular basis?

So, is Paris Hilton pregnant? I will just wait and see rather than take her ‘people’s’ word for it; after all time has proven that more often than not, the reps were not being totally honest.

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