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Russell Simmons ordered to pay $40,000 a month child support

Russell Simmons ordered to pay $40,000 a month child supportHer company generates $750 MILLION dollars in sales every year. She left her husband 3 years ago, and is pregnant with her new boyfriend’s baby. But a Los Angeles court decided yesterday that she needs nearly half a million dollars every year in child support (and a new car every three years). It’s actually “only” $40,000 a month. Never mind the fact that it could feed more than a thousand kids in 3rd world countries.

That’s how much Russell Simmons, the 51-year old entertainment executive, will be paying to his ex-wife, 33-year old Kimora Lee Simmons, Baby Phat fashion designer (part of Phat Farm, which was created by her ex) and reality TV show star (Life in the Fab Lane). But hey, at least he gets to visit. Kind of. He’ll have to be accompanied by the kids’ nanny and her security personnel.

No word on housing arrangements. Will 9-year-old Ming and 6-year-old Aoki have a new gilded princess mansion? (Mom’s description, not mine.) It’s not that I have a problem with people being wealthy. And I’m truly not envious of a gold-and-jade toilet (though I might be a little jealous of the garden and gardeners). I just think that this is one woman who doesn’t need child support.  “But she deserves it…the kids have a right to it,” some people argue. I guess I just disagree. I don’t think kids are “entitled” to much of anything except love, food & shelter, and an education. Now, if mom were not well off, it would be a different story. If he’d left her, or drove her away because of abuse, addiction or adultery, I’d feel way different. I certainly would like to see my ex-brother-in-law step up to the plate for my sister and niece and nephew. But my sister isn’t cranking out $750 million a year. In this case, I think Russell Simmons loses. And I’m not entirely sure his children are the winners, either.

Simmons is the second big loser this month. Eddie Murphy lost his paternity fight with Melanie Brown. (Mel B. is the second Spice Girl in my blogs this week–former bandmate Mel C. had a baby.) More recently known for Dancing with the Stars, Melanie convinced a court that her ex-husband Eddie Murphy was the father of her 22-month old Iris Angel. But even though Eddie’s payments are higher than Simmons’ (at $51,000 per month) he only has to pay up until Iris is 18. Simmons, on the other hands, must fork over his $40,000 until the girls are 19 1/2. I don’t know all the personal details of this case, so I can’t say whether or not Mel B. needs the money. You know, the Spice Girls aren’t what they used to be…

We’ve come a long way from entertainer P. Diddy’s landmark case, when his $21,782 per month set a new record in NY state. That was in 2005. And just last summer, when former NY Giants player Michael Strahan had to ante up to his ex for their twins, we thought that $236,000 per year was a lot (then again, he did convince a court of appeals that he didn’t need to pay for his ex-wife’s diamond birthday gifts to her mother or for the nanny’s vacation). Rapper 50-cent’s ex-girlfriend claimed her $25,000 per month wasn’t enough. He actually tried to do the right thing, I think, by formalizing child support and buying her a new house in the school district she chose.

Yikes. It just doesn’t pay to be a divorced dad these days.

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