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Lisa Rinna Talks about Postpartum Depression

Lisa Rinna Talks about Postpartum DepressionCelebrities can be quite secretive about certain aspects of their lives, and rightfully so. Ever so often though, one of them opens up about a personal issue that many people can relate to. Such was the case with Lisa Rinna recently when she talked about her struggle with postpartum depression.

According to reports online, Rinna’s new book, Rinnivation: Getting Your Best Life Ever, reveals secrets she has held close to her chest for a long time. Originally the tome was supposed to deal with fitness and healthy diets, but it evolved into so much more.

Fans of the star may be shocked to learn she had thoughts about killing her husband, actor Harry Hamlin and their two daughters Delilah, who is 10, and Amelia, 7. A quote attributed to Rinna states, “I set out to write a diet and fitness book period and that was about it. That isn’t exactly who I am, I’m much more than that. I just started to open up and it became this cathartic event…”

She went on to say “I made Harry hide all the sharp knives and take the gun out of the house because I had visions of killing everybody. Now how horrific is that?…” I must admit that I am surprised that she would reveal as much as she did about this personal struggle. To admit to postpartum depression is one thing, to say that you thought about killing your husband and children is another matter entirely.

Of course I am sure there are skeptics out there who will accuse Rinna of simply courting publicity, or maybe exaggerating the facts. Let’s face it, you can never be too sure with celebrities. I do think that unburdening herself in this way could be of some help to women who may struggle with similar thoughts.

We have all heard horrific stories about what can happen when this condition is left unchecked. Rinna says in the interview that she got help but I guess you will have to read the book to find out how she went about it. I hope that any woman who finds herself in a similar situation has supportive and understanding people around her. I think there might still be people out there who may be inclined to dismiss these feelings as something that will pass eventually.

But postpartum depression is real and in many cases is much more than ‘baby blues’. The debilitating depression of postpartum doesn’t go away after a few days or weeks as it does with ‘baby blues’. Treatment is needed for postpartum.

I certainly wish her the best going forward. Hopefully her book will keep the spotlight on the often debilitating condition that affects so many new moms around the world.

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