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How Do You Feel About Kutcher’s Baby Stunt?

How Do You Feel About Kutcher's Baby Stunt?These days it seems like people try to wring humor from just about every situation. Recently it was reported online that actor Ashton Kutcher planned to re-enact Michael Jackson’s baby dangling stunt, and he actually went ahead with it.

In fact, the star of movies like Guess Who and The Guardian went a bit further and actually threw a baby doll from his hotel window. Apparently Kutcher found out at some point the hotel room he was staying in was the same one where the actual incident took place. This is the kind of publicity that the Hotel Adlon in Berlin could probably do without.

Kutcher, who is famous for his prank show Punked, actually posted clips of himself online as he got the doll ready for his little stunt. He even did commentary for the video, showing himself looking up and describing the scene to his audience. A website quoted him as saying in the video, “Moving into position. The baby is in place. Michael should be appearing any time now… Here he is. There’s Michael. Michael’s holding the baby. The baby has been thrown. It happened and you saw it here live.”

Certainly nobody wants to restrict anyone’s freedom of speech or expression. However, I can’t help but wonder if there was anything even remotely funny about Michael Jackson dangling his baby from a hotel balcony. Even after so much time has passed my feeling hasn’t changed on this.

I guess some people will say that what he was doing is harmless, and it probably is. But really that is not the point. Like many others, I have from time to time wondered about Michael Jackson’s mental state. This is especially important in the context of his fall from grace, his debts etc. Nobody wants to think about what could have happened if he had lost his grip on that baby, but we can all thank God that he didn’t.

Bottom line, Ashton Kutcher’s stunt wasn’t funny. And it was making light of a situation that wasn’t funny to begin with. However , I have no issue with anyone who found his stunt humorous. Everyone is different after all. Here’s hoping though that Jackson can put his personal demons to rest and get on with his life, no matter what course he intends to chart. I hope also that his children get to enjoy their childhood, especially since it has often been asserted that Jackson was denied his.

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