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Full House Star Jodie Sweetin Fighting a Custody Battle

Full House star Jodie Sweetin fighting a custody battleDuring its 8 year run, didn’t you love watching Full House? OK, so a lot of people just remember cute little Michelle, played by the identical twins Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. But their older sister, the talkative and feisty Stephanie, was the one that I identified with. Today, Jodie Sweetin, the actress who portrayed Stephanie, is struggling to make sure her own daughter doesn’t grow up without a mom.

Sweetin (26) filed for legal separation from her husband Cody Herpin on Nov. 19, 2008. At the time, she requested joint custody of their daughter Zoie, 9 months. But despite attending a treatment program, her former addictions to alcohol and methamphetamines is getting in the way. On December 4, Herpin accused Sweetin of relapsing after Sweetin admitted to drinking some wine. Her husband is seeking sole custody. This week, the couple attended mediation in the hopes of avoiding an extended custody battle.

Although their current parenting arrangement is 50-50, Sweetin must be in the presence of one of her own parents when she has her baby girl.

I’ve never gone through this kind of battle before, but I have lived it vicariously through one of my sisters and some friends. That was bad enough. I can’t imagine the pain and heartbreak of having your children taken away. Even if a person really isn’t fit to have custody, that wouldn’t necessarily make it easy for the parent (or for the children). And of course, it’s always difficult to know when a parent is sincerely trying to do what’s in the best interest of the child, and when that person is using the kids as a tool for revenge against an estranged spouse.

If it weren’t bad enough for a couple to do this kind of thing privately, it must be doubly hard to do it under the watching eye of the American media and bloggers like me. But if you remember Sweetin and have an interest in this matter, their next hearing is set for Feb. 9.

Besides acting (catch her in Redefining Love, releasing on Valentine’s Day), Sweetin is working on a book about being a child star and about her personal struggles.

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