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French President Sarkozy’s Model Fiancee Pregnant?

sarkozy.jpgBefore Freedom Fries, and Freedom Bread, the French were often stereotyped as a nation of romance and lovers. Perhaps, sometimes it’s not too far from the truth.

France’s new head of state, President Nicholas Sarkorzy, was divorced from his ex-wife C?cilia in October, and he is now engaged to Italian supermodel and singer Carla Bruni.

It’s been an eventful pregnancy, whoops, I mean presidency. Sarkozy was elected in May 2007. Just days later, C?cilia left him. He met and began dating Carla Bruni in late November. And now, less than two months later, the internet is buzzing with rumours that Carla is pregnant.

The couple recently announced they will wed on February 9th. Some speculate Miss Bruni’s alleged pregnancy is the reason they plan to marry so soon.

Carla will be Mr Sarkozy’s third wife, and the baby will be his fourth child. He has two adult children from his first marriage, and a 10-year-old son with his second wife C?cilia. Carla has a son from a previous relationship.

Far from the stereotype, the French are a predominantly Catholic, and mostly conservative nation. The President’s affairs make front page news regularly, and many French people are appalled by what they see as the president’s lack of morals.

Personally, I love a good scandal. If the rumors are true, I’m sending my warmest congratulations to Mr and future Mrs President.

Can you imagine if this happened in America? Remember all the commotion over Bill, Hillary and Monica?

Watch here for updates – I’ll be glued the French media for confirmation!

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