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Celebs Weigh In On Family Size

Everyone knows what the policy is in China when it comes to having children. It’s tough to judge them too harshly I guess, as they have to find some means of controlling their population. I sometimes wonder though just how far the Chinese government is willing to take it. With the world population continuing to grow, many people speculate that we are on our way to not being able to sustain it. I’m not too big on Doomsday theories myself, but is it possible that other nations may soon impose stricter laws restricting people’s reproductive rights?

Take for example, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar who already have 17 children, with another baby due in January of 2009. With Michelle just 42, there is the real possibility that the Duggars are not done having babies quite yet.

Recently a few celebrities weighed in on the discussion of family size. See who shares your opinion on whether or not a family can be too big.

The View co-host, Whoopi Goldberg feels that nobody has the right to judge. She says, ‘I think it’s to each their own and none of our business. If people want to have 30 kids and can afford it, it’s none of our business. Some people are very wealthy, only have one child and that’s too much for them. Some people have 18 children and they have it together?’

According to The Grand Dame of Dish, Liz Smith, ‘Doesn’t the number of children a family chooses to have fall under the “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” clause? Isn’t it a private matter, so long as a family can cope, care for and control in a healthy manner?’

Actress Lily Tomlin put it this way, ‘I’ve seen it written in information about overpopulation that “People are a good thing. Overpopulation isn’t.’

While it is in fact a private issue, maybe it’s not such a bad idea to view it in the context of the health care system, and programs like welfare. If a family is really able to care for a large number of children that is one thing, but those that aren’t would be forced to rely on others to meet the children’s needs.

What’s your view on this issue? Should any family be criticized for its size?

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