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Celebs Share Their Own Personal Adoption Stories

Celebs Share Their Own Personal Adoption StoriesThere are countless stories on the web about celebrities who have chosen to adopt for one reason or another. Former couple, Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman, X-Men star Hugh Jackman and Basic Instinct’s Sharon Stone are just a few of the celebrities who have gone this route. But we don’t hear much about the celebs who were themselves adopted.

According to a recent story online, some big celebrity names have offered their own stories of being adopted into loving homes. Faith Hill, Jamie Foxx and Keyisha Cole recently finished their parts in a CBS special “A Home for the Holidays.” While they were backstage they talked about what it was like for them to have been adopted and how they dealt with it.

The show offered information on adoption, as well as entertainment. Many fans of actor Jamie Foxx may not be aware that he was adopted. I know I wasn’t. He said, “I was lucky, I was adopted at 7 months, but the lady who adopted me also adopted my mother, so I had a relationship with my biological parents, also.” That’s a pretty unusual twist. At any rate that family ended up producing a successful performer and an Oscar winner at that.

According to soul singer, Keyshia Cole her mother had a drug problem. “she didn’t get a little bit better until I became ‘Keyshia Cole the Celebrity.’ Maybe it was a good way for her to see herself – that your daughter has become so much and she’s become so big,” Cole said.

Faith Hill also shared her personal story. She was adopted as an infant but as she grew older she had to deal with children using the adoption tag as an insult. “When kids would call one another names, they’d say, ‘You act like you’re adopted.'” Hill said. Showing the same spunk she would later demonstrate in her career, Hill would respond, “Well, I am adopted. So what do you think about that?”

Hopefully the special will encourage those who are able, to open their doors to children who have no home or family. Or maybe they could contribute in some other way. I don’t know how much an adoption stigma still exists, but it’s good that children who were adopted into families managed to carve out such successful careers for themselves. It may serve as a reminder to adopted children everywhere that no matter what your background is, dreams can still come true.

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