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Catty News Reports: Spice Girl Mommies

Catty News Reports: Spice Girl MommiesGeri Halliwell, once of the Spice Girls, threw a birthday party for her daughter, Bluebell this week. The tabloids in her native UK were predictably hiding in the bushes outside her home to see if any of the other Spice Girls were invited – Emma Bunton and Melanie Chisholm, Baby Spice and Sporty Spice – both arrived with their own babies.

Emma Bunton and her 19-month-old handsome boy, Beau Lee (good thing her son is a cutie with a name like that!) arrived, bedecked in designer wear, hyper high heels and skinny jeans. If your thighs allow it, you wear the heck out of skinny jeans. But high heels? How does she run around after the kid in those? She looks very balanced in the things though, maybe she’s so used to them she’s playing in the sandbox in her stilettos just like we do in our flip flops.

Melanie Chisholm was another story. Her daughter Scarlett is three months old and Mel C arrived in the kind of clothes moms of three-months-old wear. Like, not skinny jeans.  One British newspaper snidely remarked that she “had the slightly dazed look of the brand new mum as she arrived in a pair of baggy trousers and ill-fitting pink top. Well, at least she made it out of her pyjamas”. Meeee-ow. She’s probably been bonding with her daughter instead of flitting around designer stores.

Do you think the media is too harsh on celebrity moms who behave like normal moms? Like the ones who are not back to size zero and immaculate hair and makeup the week after the birth?

Then the day after, Geri was photographed walking with her daughter in a stroller and smoking a cigarette. If she smokes, it’s her right to do so, cough, cough, but should she be doing it with her daughter presents?

And do you – or would you – wear high heels when you are looking after your baby?

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