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Can Someone Help Out Jennie Garth?

According to reports online Beverly Hills 90210 actress, 36-year old Jennie Garth would love to have more children with husband, 34-year old Peter Facinelli. Problem is the couple already has three kids and Facinelli is fine with the size of the family.

Garth is said to be feeling a strong maternal urge, and she is apparently paying close attention to her biological clock. Their children are Luca, 11, Lola, 5, and two-year old Fiona. Garth so badly wants to give them a brother or sister, she is considering adopting. I suppose this is a relatively common problem; the decision to have a child or to have more children. It is important for couples to be in sync on this issue, or at least willing to find some middle ground.

There have been numerous reports of Hollywood breakups resulting from one partner not being ready to have children. Of course it occurs in the wider society as well. It used to be that it was usually the man who just wasn?t ready for kids. Now with more women putting off getting married or having children to further their career goals, there seems to be a bit more balance.

It can be especially difficult for anyone who spends time before the camera, as very few roles call for pregnant women. When necessary the prop department is always ready to provide the padding to get that pregnant look. While the average working woman can work for most of her pregnancy, this option is not always available to actresses in the middle of shooting a series or movie.

Of course clever directors and crews have been able to work around a pregnancy in some instances, as was the case with Leah Remini who became pregnant during filming of The King Of Queens. There is also added pressure on actresses to return to their pre-baby figures for the sake of their career.

I sympathize with Jennie Garth?s situation, and I find it refreshing that a working actress wants to expand her family. Hopefully no problems will arise from their different feelings on this issue. She said in a recent interview, ?Will you talk to my husband for me please? I want to have a baby or adopt. My body keeps telling me to have babies.? Anybody willing to have a chat with hubby on her behalf?

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