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Actress Penelope Ann Miller Gives Birth

Actress Penelope Ann Miller Gives BirthAccording to online reports, actress Penelope Ann Miller gave birth to her second child, another girl. The baby was born on March 23 and was named Maria Adela Huggins. Miller and her husband James Huggins are understandably ecstatic at the new arrival. Miller and Huggins have been married since May, 2000.

A spokesperson for Miller was quoted as saying, “Penelope and James are thrilled to have another girl and a little sister for Eloisa.” Little Eloisa, who is now eight, will no doubt want help out with taking care of her baby sister.

Miller who is 45 may inspire some women who are about to become first or second time moms in their forties. The increased risks of complications and health and developmental issues have been well documented. Thankfully medical improvement and the fact that women are taking better care of themselves have narrowed the odds. Plus, research will show that women having children in their forties is nothing new. Just do some digging into your family history and you will be surprised to find quite a few female ancestors who had their last child in their forties and maybe a handful even into their early fifties.

Some other well known women who gave birth after 40 include Salma Hayek, Holly Hunter, Marcia Cross, Halle Berry and Brooke Shields. Hayek gave birth to her daughter Valentina at 41. Marcia Cross was open about resorting to fertility treatments to have her twins, Eden and Savannah at 44. She was quoted online as saying, “I don’t like the average woman being misled into thinking that fertility is something that goes on forever.”

Brooke Shields had her first child at 40, and the second at 42. Actress Holly Hunter gave birth to her twins at age 47. While it may be more of a challenge for older women to conceive, these stories and countless others offer some hope. The most important things are a proper diet that includes foods from all the food groups. Folic acid is especially important for older women planning to conceive to help protect the baby from spinal and brain developmental issues. Older women, especially those over 35 who plan on having their first child or adding to their family should try to be as active as possible in order to maintain a healthy weight.

Congratulations to Penelope Ann Miller on the birth of her second daughter. And congratulations to all the women out there who are taking on the challenge of motherhood after age 40. There are many benefits to motherhood later in life.

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