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Strange News: Can statues help you get pregnant?

I was fortunate to be able to easily conceive each time I wanted a baby. I did have a miscarriage in between pregnancies, which was, needless to say, very difficult. Going through this common but painful experience gave me a taste of what it must feel like to want a child but be unable to […]

Renting Your Womb in an Economic Crisis: Hopeful Surrogate Mothers Increase

Back in August I blogged about the increase in numbers of women trying to sell their eggs to make money. The economy was faltering back then, and now we are in a recession, even more women are considering other means to make money. Selling eggs can net a woman a quick $4,000, and being a […]

Infertility Awareness Week

October 19-25th, 2008 is National Infertility Awareness week. To increase awareness, and also in an effort to help many couples realize their dreams of becoming parents, The New Hope Center for Reproductive Medicine in Virginia Beach, Virginia is giving ? free consult sessions. If you are struggling with issues surrounding infertility, this may be a […]

10 Things To Do Before Getting Pregnant

Have you and your partner decided to get pregnant? If you have, congratulations. Trying to get pregnant can be a snap for some couples, but for others, it may take awhile. Before you and your partner take the plunge however, you’ll be ahead of the curve if you try to at least do some of […]

How To Have a Baby Boy

Trying for a baby boy? While what only really matters is a healthy baby of either gender, many moms would admit they have a slight preference for one gender over the other, and perhaps wonder how to have a baby boy? I have a son, and if I could pick the gender of my next […]

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