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Reduce Clutter and Save Money on Toys

While trying to de-clutter our space I discovered that most of the pruning seemed to be coming off of our toddler’s toy stash.  Because of this I decided to talk to friends who are also parents, and ask them what their toy philosophy is at home.  How many toys do their kids have?  How often […]

6 Potty Training Tips

We had a break-through moment last night. Our two-year old said “pee-pee”, looked at his potty, and with a little assistance from me, we had “potty success”! I praised him, gave him a treat, then he watched as I poured the contents of his potty into the toilet, flushed and said “Bye-bye pee-pee!”. I learned […]

Hanging on to Nap Time

As your child grows out of babyhood they’ll gradually decrease the amount of time in a day they spend sleeping.  The average amount of sleep may go down from 16-20 hours a day for babies up to 6 months, to 13 hours a day on average for those 1-2 yrs old, and then 12 hours […]

5 Handy Uses For Baby Wipes

My two year old was unusually quiet, just sitting in the family room the other day. Somehow, I’d missed him a few minutes earlier, pulling a chair up to the pantry and helping himself to a chocolate covered granola bar. (We have “big kid” treats and snacks for the older boys and since our toddler […]

How Your Life Changes Once Baby Becomes a Toddler

Something strange happens right around the time your last child gets out of diapers, or at least it happened to me and the majority of my fellow mom friends. After having spent so much time focusing on everyone else’s needs and accepting sleep deprivation as fact for so long, you rub your eyes and take […]

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