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Is My Baby Autistic? Unusual Use Of Toys May Be a Clue

Amongst children diagnosed with autism, around a third of their parents notice signs of autism before the child’s first birthday. But the condition usually goes undiagnosed for many years: the average age of diagnosis is over three. Autistic children are widely believed to be born with the condition. Although various factors have been proposed that […]

Trick or Treat For A Good Cause

Our daughter’s 14 months old. We’ve been on the fence on whether she’ll get much out of a trick or treating experience this year. She was pretty much oblivious to the holidays last year so we were excited about this year. However, we were still unsure whether taking her trick or treating would be worth […]

An Amazing Story About Cord Blood

Every so often a story comes along that is truly amazing, and if you’re ready for a really uplifting story then you should hear about Chloe Levine. She is a toddler who was diagnosed with cerebral palsy after it became apparent that she wasn’t developing like she should have. She didn’t have control over the […]

Parenting Around The World: Jewelry and Babies

Parents’ approach toward jewelry and babies can differ quite dramatically around the globe. I found this out when I shared my own baby girl’s ear piercing story. See getting ears pierced in many cultures, including mine, is quite accepted, and even expected. The same thing may be frowned upon by other cultures, especially in Western […]

Teeny Tattoos: Safety Tats for Toddlers

When I heard about tattoos for toddlers, I thought Oh. My. Gosh. Is this the teenager-ifying of our toddlers going completely off the hook? Are manicures for infants and high heels for newborns not enough? (Tamsen, my Babies Online blogger colleague recently wrote about manicures for preschoolers and I totally agree with her. One manicure […]

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