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$150 Fine For Breastfeeding Shamers

In Sao Paolo, Brazil legislation has just been passed that will fine any company or individual up to $150 for trying to discourage a woman from breastfeeding her baby in public.

New Lactation Room Law: Breastfeeding in the Workplace

It has been a long fought battle. Many nursing moms have asked for and lobbied for their places of employment to provide lactation rooms (a private place to breastfeed or pump milk for their baby). Now, many states are stepping up to the plate and putting laws in place to ensure that new mothers have […]

Breastfeeding Baby In Public … Do You Do It?

The other night I was out for dinner with my family.  At the table next to ours sat a large party with three infants under the age of one.  One of the moms was nursing, rather awkwardly I might add, and the scene brought back my own memories of nursing. Breastfeeding in Public is a […]

Breastfeeding Can Be Used as Birth Control IF …

Myths abound that you can’t get pregnant while breastfeeding. It’s true that you can get pregnant while nursing, but you can also use breastfeeding as a reliable form of birth control – in some cases – until your menstrual periods return on a normal cycle. Does that sound confusing? Yes, breastfeeding works as birth control. […]

Breastfeeeding Angelina Jolie captured in bronze

The sculptor Daniel Edwards always like controversial subjects. I mean, remember the nude statue of Britney Spears giving birth to her son Sean Preston? Or Suri Cruise’s baby poop in bronze? Or Paris Hilton’s unborn twin fetuses? This time it’s Angelina Jolie and her twins who inspired Edwards. If you remember, Jolie posed for the […]

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