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The Heartbreak of Weaning Part II

A few weeks ago, I wrote about how hard it was contemplating weaning my nearly one year old daughter from nursing. Before the birth of my daughter, I planned to nurse for six months only. I was worried about the shape of my breasts, if it would sag with extended weaning, shallow stuff really. I never knew I would find nursing so fulfilling. Only moms can understand what I mean I think.

Anyway, a lot of you wrote kind words telling me to keep it up, and saying that at this age, a baby really isn’t ready to wean yet. This was echoed by my lactation consultant, and by other moms I talked to. I felt relieved, and made the decision to let my daughter self-wean from then on.

Until this past week’s resurfacing doubts. Mina has started to refuse to nurse by turning her head away, crawling away, and worse, biting down. The ouch is from the bite and the emotional rejection I’m feeling. Still, I continued to offer her the option of nursing during the daytime, even with the rejection. I figured, one of these days, she’ll take it.

Just a few minutes ago, I offered her an evening nip right before bed time. Lying next to me, with her blankie wrapped in her arm, she looks at my breast, looks up at me and very simply said, “No“.

I don’t think she can get any clearer than that.


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