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Is My Breast Milk Enough?

ismybreastenough.jpgI had a bit of a crisis this past week and weekend. Of course, it was more a case of the Mom Over-Worrying syndrome. The new worry is whether my breast milk is enough to nourish my baby.

I have noticed several things: She’s nursing more often without appearing satisfied even with the introductions of solids. She’s been sucking her 4 0z. breast milk bottle dry at daycare where before she would leave anywhere from 1 to 1.5 oz.

What I did: I upped her her bottle contents to 4.5 oz just to see what she’d do. Again, they were sucked dry. I added, reluctantly, a bottle of formula right before bed and she ate that up, PLUS nursed as well.

My feelings: defeated, not good enough.

Then I took time to evaluate the situation and I realized:

I am enough for her. Now whether that means I have to pump more and nurse more, she is a thriving, growing, beautiful baby girl. She’s perfectly healthy and bright. She’s having enough wet and dirty diapers as well. All indicative of a fine baby.

Supplementing formula while I build my stored supply doesn’t mean I’m a failure. It means I’ve got a plan on how to go back to exclusively breast milk feeding her. It also means I’m flexible enough to adapt when a situation calls for it.

We moms sure know how to over-worry ourselves. But the important thing to remember is to deal with the situation with a clear head, and not get bogged down with feeling of guilt and recrimination. Call a lactation specialist, talk to other moms you trust, call your pediatrician. Get on a course of action to resolution.

I’m not gonna let this new challenge discourage me from breastfeeding. Mina and I will come through this.

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