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Is My Breast Milk Enough? Part 2

ismymilkenoughpart2.jpgJust last Monday, I published a post regarding my diminishing breast milk supply. In my quest to recover from the Over-worrying syndrome, I took my own advice. I advised others to “Call a lactation specialist, talk to other moms you trust, call your pediatrician“.

Here is the advice I got:

Other moms: Take some fenugreek. It worked for me. Also add another pumping session at work.

My lactation specialist’s advice: Keep breastfeeding more. And no, fenugreek will not really increase your supply. Don’t bother with it.

Mina’s pediatrician: You may want to try fenugreek although it may or may not increase your supply. But you must let her eat in demand and your supply should be just fine.

Well, as you can see, I got confusing reports on the effectiveness of the herb that’s been touted by some as a breast milk supply enhancer. That’s the thing with advice, you have to weed through the statements being said to you to find out what exactly will work.

I decided that since there seems to be no consensus on the herb fenugreek, I would nix taking it. However, I heard loud and clear that I need to pump more frequently (as I already nurse on demand), so it was up to me to look at my schedule and see when in my busy day I would fit in the extra pumping. I guess that’s another thing with advice, sometimes advice is hard to implement.

I’m a full-time worker, and I already pump on breaks, and need the lunch as a break from both work and pumping. When I get home, its go go go, in between eating dinner while catching up with my husband, taking care of dishes, nursing, playing a bit with my daughter before I put her to bed and wash her bottles, and get myself ready for the next day. I crash soon after all that is done.

But when your first duty is to be the best mother you can be, you must follow through with your plan of action. So, right before bed, I say hello to my pump again, and let it do its thing while I nod off a little. My husband usually shakes me awake about 15 minutes later, urging me to join him in our bedroom.

So far I haven’t had to supplement. In my mommy world, that is a real feat.

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