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Your Baby is Not You

As new parents, you will receive a lot of advice. Most of it will be unsolicited, from well meaning friends and family members, and even strangers at the grocery store or on the street. Take the advice, leave it, or do what you want with it ? many times you?ll find that it doesn?t apply to you or goes against something that you believe in or are already doing.

My husband and I were on the receiving end of many unsolicited pieces of advice from family members who had our best interests at heart, if not in mind. Whether it was about the proper way to change diapers to starting solid foods and which ones to start first, to not picking her up too much lest we spoil her, we have heard it all (or at least it seemed that way). While we did ponder and eventually take much of the advice we received from our pediatrician, most of the other advice we either tossed out or ignored. However, there was one piece of advice that we have held onto and, over time, realized just how important it was. The advice was: Your baby is not you.

This one is important to remember when your baby is acting out or isn?t responding to a certain type of stimulation. We?re reminded of this fact nearly every time we feed her ? when she chows down the sweet potatoes and chicken dinner while we try not to gag at the color and consistency of it. Or when we try to sit down with her and read a book to her but she would rather wiggle away from us and wander off on her own to play with a cardboard box in the living room.

What was the best advice that you received as a new parent? Do you still follow it?

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