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Why not green or yellow?

whygreenyellow.jpgThe dilemma: Mom is itching to start shopping for the baby’s layette and decorating the nursery but she still doesn’t know, or doesn’t want to find out as in the case of Jessica Alba, the baby’s sex .

The solution: Go for greens and yellows! (Fine, even orange and red, if you want)

Maybe i’m just being subjective because I love these colors but I also really think, for first-time parents especially who may or will have more kids, investing in cool shades of green and yellow is a really practical thing to do.

First, they’re happy colors and should be reason enough.

Secondly, both boys and girls can be dressed up in greens and yellows so the frogsuits and blankets and high chair and pillows you buy now can still be used by any succeeding baby, yours or your neighbor’s.

Third, you will have enough blues and pinks once word gets around that you’re expecting, or had, a boy or girl.

And though technology has made lives easier for us in many ways, it is still not fool-proof. I can name at least three couples who were told they will be having a boy and so bought everything in blue only to give birth to a girl. You may say that babies are too young to be affected by the double-standards society has set for us, but trust me, it can get quite tedious having to correct people that your baby is a boy even if he’s wearing pink (and vice versa).

And too many blues, even in light shades, can look a tad well… blue. Which is why, when we found out we’re having a son, I invested in a lot of whites with blue accents instead, and all the rest in yellow and green.

They make the baby pictures more interesting too!

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