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What to Do When Your Baby Hates Bath Time!

Most young babies dislike baths. I?ve always found this to be slightly ironic because babies spend 9 plus months in a water bubble before they are born!

When my children were a few days old, I found it was best to give them their sponge baths in sections. I?d start first with their head and face, move down to the upper body, and then their lower body. When bathing their upper body, I?d keep their lower body covered with a towel and vice versa. It seemed to make the bath more bearable for them.

When their umbilical cord fell off, and I could put them in water, I had to come up with a slightly different game plan. I found that the two most important things to keep in mind when bathing a young infant were water temperature and routine. Getting the water so that it is neither too hot nor too cold really is important! I also found that while my children didn?t like the bath at first, the key was to not give up and continue on using the same routine every day. Eventually, they began to tolerate bath time pretty well.

After the children could sit by themselves, bath time became a fun time. The colored foaming soap was always a hugely popular thing at our house. When my older children were toddlers and were learning their colors, I?d dye the water using food color! If you decide to try this, be sure to mix the color very well into the water or it can stain! Also be sure to rinse the tub well after bath time.

One thing that my older children disliked was getting their hair washed. I was never able to figure out a trick to make that part of the bath to be more tolerable, however I see now that different stores sell hair washing hats for children. The hat is shaped so that water and soap run down the back of the head instead of getting into the child?s eyes. I have never had a reason to try the product because my son doesn?t really mind having his hair washed too much?plus his hair is cut short as per his Daddy?s wishes. Perhaps this is why it isn?t such a big deal for him? My girls always had long hair which made hair washing that much more difficult.

I?ve also found that my stress levels really have an affect on my children. If I was tense or upset during their bath time, it seemed to make the whole experience much more traumatic for them. On days when I was really stressed, I would ask my husband to take over bath time duty.

After months of slogging through the nightly bath time routine, my son now loves his nightly bath time. In fact, he loves it so much so that our big issue right now is stopping the bath time fun so he can get ready for bed and go to sleep. Isn?t that ironic?

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