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What is your baby’s personality type?

When my oldest son was four months old, he didn’t sit on my lap, instead, he stood and bounced up and down like he wanted to jump off. He crawled at 6 months. One day, I was busy doing something in the kitchen and he crawled out of the room. I looked around the first floor of our townhouse and could not find him anywhere. Of course, I started to panic.

It occurred to me to look upstairs and that’s where he was! I had no idea he could crawl up the stairs but he’d done it. After that, it was time to put up a safety gate.

That was the beginning. Ben went on to be a very active, and at times defiant, toddler. He’d often run away from me and send me into more panics. My husband and I knew that we had a determined and very active child on our hands.

Our second son was a lot different. He was more easy-going as a baby and his personality continues to reflect that. He always smiled and charmed people; he fits his Libra sun- sign. He is still a little charmer.

Now, several years later, we have baby number three, and humor me while I say so, but this little guy is so sweet! His first six weeks were rough; he had digestive problems and was colicky.

But since his digestive problems have been worked out and he’s past the three month point (typical time for colic to stop), he is a little dream-man. People often comment on what a sweet disposition he has. He looks up at them with his huge blue eyes and smiles. While he is agile-he rolled over (and over and over) at 3 months he is usually mellow. He sits calmly on my lap and does not spring up and down like Tigger (or like our oldest son did at four months).

I’m thinking that this is who our baby is: an easy, happy and low-maintenance kind of guy. He may be on the go (ie: crawling) early, since he’s already rolled across the room, but he’ll also be happy to just hang out at times (and not try to run away from me all the time like my oldest did!).

Our first two boys early traits have stayed with them until this day so I think I can expect the same from baby # 3. Have your kids personalities been evident since they were babies? Do you think you can tell if your baby will grow up to be wild and crazy, calm and shy or any number of things in between?

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