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What is Your Baby’s Musical Taste?

What is Your Baby's Musical Taste?We parents often marvel at how much personality our babies have, and that such small people can have such strong opinions on various matters.

Music is a divisive issue in my house. I love music and so does my toddler son, and our daycare baby.

I’m psyched about Daycare Baby’s musical taste. Daycare Baby is either being very polite or has strikingly similar musical taste to me. She likes the all the indie rock, punk, and electronic music that I do. Anything with beats and bass is good for Daycare Baby. We were dancing to the Ramones, Radiohead and Jay-Z, a bit of Bhangra then a little progressive house this morning.  I don’t think she’s being polite, as we all know when babies don’t just have opinions, they have opinions and we know exactly when something is not to her liking!

My toddler has much different taste which has no overlap with ours. He thinks that we have no taste and would much rather listen to Hannah Montana, the Barney theme tune, Nellie the Elephant, and kid’s music in general. He loves to sing songs, and make up his own words to them (Baa baa black frog, Have you any socks?) but dislikes anything aimed at the over 12s.

So what do we listen to?

I found a great radio station that caters to all of us. Wonderground Radio, from Minnesota Public Radio, is a digital radio station that streams for free over the internet. Wonderground plays modern, upbeat music mixed up with children’s songs. It’s commercial free and we all love it.

Children’s radio stations tend to drive adults up the wall after a while, but this station has enough adult music and enough children’s tunes to keep my little raver baby and classically inclined toddler happy.

What is your baby’s favorite style of music? What do you listen to in your house?

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