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Use Feng Shui to Decorate a Nursery

Use Feng Shui to Decorate a NurseryMost expectant moms agree: decorating a nursery is one of the highlights of pregnancy. You can decorate using the ancient art and science of Feng Shui, the arrangement of objects within a space to maximize the flow of chi. Not only will you create more comfortable quarters for your little one, you may even set the stage for a lifetime of success.

Our daughter’s nursery is the smallest room in the house, yet it also has the most positive energy. This is because we decorated keeping the rules of Feng Shui in mind.

Feng Shui deals with the flow of energy, or chi, through a space. When you place furniture, such as the changing table, crib, rocking chair, and dresser in the room, make sure there is space for the energy to flow freely. A rule of thumb: If you have trouble navigating a room, so will the chi.

Dresser drawers and closet doors should open easily, with no obstructions. There should be space in front of the changing table for you to dress a wiggling baby, with the diaper pail and all the necessities—diapers, wipes and creams—at arms’ length but out of the grasp of a fidgety baby. To provide a sense of security, do not hang heavy pictures or shelves over the changing table or crib. Stickers are okay, but the images should be uplifting.

The crib should be placed in the command position of the room. To be in the command position, the crib should be in view of the door, but not directly in front of it. The optimal location is on the wall diagonal to the door. Celebrity Feng Shui consultant Ken Lauher illustrates three possible command positions in his article, The Placement of a Bed.

Trundle drawers are very common in cribs, and a great, space-saving storage solution. Lauher says, “It’s okay to place soft objects such as sheets, blankets or clothing in the drawer, but avoid storing anything metal underneath the crib.”

It’s okay to bend some Feng Shui rules in a child’s room. For instance, Feng Shui conventions advise against mirrors in an adult’s bedroom, especially if they are in view of the bed. But Lauher says, “A child-safe mirror in the crib when the baby is two to three months old can help with motor skills and development.”

It is also acceptable to hang photos of loved ones in a baby’s room. Babies love looking at photos of people and especially other babies! For optimal placement, hang photos against the right hand wall, the Family segment of the room, if you are looking toward the door. You can activate other areas of the room –and your child’s life–by decorating with the rest of the Bagua in mind, too.

Lauher recommends light colors and multiple colors in a nursery to soothe and stimulate an infant. Light colors will also make a smaller room appear larger. Light green is very soothing, to promote rest, and because it represents hope and freshness, is ideal for the newest member of your family!

Living elements are always a good addition to any space. Keep plants on high shelves or select hanging plants to keep them away from tiny hands and mouths. And always select non-poisonous plants to grow around your house and in your yard if you have children.

When you are finished decorating the nursery, step back and think about how you feel in the room. Is it a happy, positive place to be? If it is, congratulations! You’ve made Feng Shui work for you!

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