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Traveling with an Infant

Traveling with an InfantTraveling with small children can be a challenge. Not only do you have to pack your own luggage, but also every item you think your child might possibly need while you’re away – and you’ll still inevitably forget something.

After traveling with each of our babies when they were infants, my husband and I came up with a system that helped us not only to not forget anything, but to make the entire experience a little less stressful.

  • Make a list (and check it often!). I like to make a master list on the computer of all the baby essentials I will need for the road; I can then print out a copy each time I need it, and cross each item out with a pen when it is packed. The list should include diaper bag essentials, plus any extras you might need for a longer trip, such as additional bottles or toys.

  • Plan ahead with bigger items. If traveling by plane, check with the airline on their baggage requirements; for example, can you check the car seat or stroller at the gate instead of when you check in, so that you can use it in the airport terminal?

  • Check with your destination before packing large items. If you will be visiting family, do you need to pack the pack and play, or do they have a spare crib or travel crib that you can use? Is a stroller available? Having the items at your destination can save much needed space in your luggage.

  • Will you be breast feeding during the trip? You might also want to pack a pump in case baby sleeps through a feeding or if his or her schedule is off. Bring an extra couple of sterilized bottles as well.

  • When it doubt, pack it anyway. Sure, those extra outfits will take up more room, but if baby has a diaper blowout or if the weather is different from what is predicted, you’ll be glad to have the extra clothes for him or her.

  • Stay organized. It is difficult to stay organized while traveling – especially with kids – but by keeping track of where things are, you can avoid extra stress and frustration.

Traveling with an infant can be difficult, but by planning ahead, you can make the trip a little easier on everyone.

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