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Toddler Goes International… Toddler and The Train

toddlergoestrain.jpgWe are visiting the UK to see our families this week, and I’m delighted to report we all survived our flight.

We narrowly missed the plane, Toddler (and Daddy) fell in love with a real Ferrari on a win-a-Ferrari display at the airport and we lost track of time until the airline had to page us (“Will Mrs Brit and party get to the gate IMMEDIATELY” and I always feel the announcer wants to add “Jeez, you people are stupid, you had TWO HOURS to get there after check in.”)

I got in some great cardio chasing him up and down the airplane aisles. We actually managed to bring one more diaper than was needed, instead of one less, which is more usual, although changing a poopy diaper with the plane hitting turbulence midway through is somewhat challenging. He refused to eat any food from the plane except the margarine from the in-flight meal and then poured a cup of apple juice over him and me, so I’m glad I brought sandwiches and spare clothes.

The highlight of Toddler’s vacation was coming next. We took the train from the airport to the Grandparent’s house. Toddler was obviously expecting something that looked like Thomas and was plainly disappointed there was no steam, faces on the front of the trains, or anything he could push along and make choo-choo noises. But he soon warmed up to them and had lots of fun shouting at the other trains going by while we waited for ours, and some obliging drivers waved and beeped their horns.

Our train arrives. Toddler immediately disregards the notice to not put your feet on the seats, so I take his boots off, whereupon he decides he wants to run up and down the aisle. Toddler announces a “Big Poo!” to the whole train. Changing a diaper on a train is even harder than on an airplane. Toddler is very excited to see sheep, and cows, and ponies in the lovely English countryside out of the window.

It’s been a tiring journey, but seeing how delighted Grandma and Grandad are to see us makes it all worth it. And hearing Toddler talking in his sleep about “purple train! purple train!” is a sweet bonus!

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