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Timing is Everything (When it Comes to Sleeping Babies)

I have a knack for bad timing. I can be outside working in the garden for an hour, and the minute ? nay, they very second ? I come back in the house is the same second that my daughter has finally drifted off to sleep for her afternoon nap. The sound of my footsteps will immediately rouse her from her sleep and it?ll be an hour before she will go back down for a nap ? if at all.

My husband and I have yet to come up with any sort of system to alleviate this problem. Instead, if the house sounds quiet, we just quietly creep around, trying to avoid the creaky floor boards in our old house, and tiptoe close enough to see if our daughter is asleep or not. It can be quite comical sometimes, which also makes it difficult not to laugh, because if you do laugh, she?ll instantly wake up. However, if she is asleep, and has been for more than five minutes, we can usually go about the house in our normal manner and not worry about waking her up. Beginning when we first brought her home from the hospital, we made an effort to intentionally not be overly quiet when she was sleeping, but to instead just go about our business in and around the house and let her sleep through any noise that we might have made. But, if she has just fallen asleep, we have to be extra careful to not wake her or it could be days (okay, hours) before she falls asleep again.

We?ve considered setting up the baby monitor and using it as sort of an intercom/walkie talkie system to communicate, but we figure that that?s just one more means of waking her up. Cell phone communication doesn?t work either, for the same reason. I?ve tried coming in and whispering, but my husband can?t hear me from the other room and when I raise my voice, our daughter wakes up.

We know that, like others, this phase will pass with time and soon she won?t be napping at all during the day. Which means we won?t get to nap anymore, either. But it will give us more waking hours with her during the day, which is something we all enjoy.

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