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Things You Learn About Yourself by Being a Mom

Things You Learn About Yourself by Being a MomBabies and toddlers learn a lot by copying you. That’s why they want to learn to talk and walk and play with your cellphone. I don’t know why babies want to drop cellphones in the toilet, you’ll have to ask your friendly neighborhood child development psychologist.

Babies mimic you, and it’s natural to mimic them back, and coo to babies, clap our hands together with them and stick our tongues back out at them, and apparently this is very good for making baby feel important, validated and loved, and encourages baby to keep copying you.

If only there was a way to filter what they copy and what they don’t. Once I locked myself out my house and broke in through a window with a shovel from my son’s sandbox. He spent a lot of time bashing his sand tools on the walls and windows after that, and was probably wondering why we didn’t climb in to the house through the windows more often.

I’ve also learned that I burn toast too often. I was cleaning the kitchen today with my toddler, and gave him a towel to help wipe with. He looked at it blankly. Then realization dawned! He ran to the other side of the kitchen and started  flapping it towards the smoke alarm.

Then there’s the way he talks to my daycare baby. Daycare baby was crawling on the sofa, and he shouts “Baby! Get Down! Now!” in an eerily familiar way. OK, so one day he was climbing on the back of the sofa again and again and again and trying valiantly to fall off the back and break his head on the hardwood floor and totally ignoring my polite requests to get down.

It’s amusing, interesting and sometimes humbling to see yourself mirrored like that, and a little reminder that just about everything you do in front of your child affects them, a little or a lot.

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