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The new flushable, bio-degradable diaper is here!

theflushabldiaperhere.jpgI admire people who use cloth diapers but I just don’t think I’m up to the task. I remember changing diapers while half-asleep, during long, endless nights, with my first two babies. Yawn?

I try to be environmentally-conscious. I have cloth shopping bags and usually remember to bring them with me when I shop, at least on big trips to the supermarket. I teach my kids to save water by not flushing every time they pee (a handy thing about boys is they go through less toilet paper!). I give my ten bucks to World Wildlife Fund when I can.

But I just don’t feel like peeling a piece of cloth from my baby’s butt and scraping a blow-up poop off of it, while holding my nose and tending to a needy baby. So, I’d resigned myself to adding to the endless piles of disposable diapers that fill our landfills. New moms are tired and we shouldn’t feel guilty for these things. Plus, it’s just one more baby and then I’ll be done?

Then I found them! They’re g-diapers, the new earth-friendly diapers that are both cloth and disposable. The outer ‘pants’ come in about eight different colors, including my favorite, golden orange. The inside liners are disposable, flushable and bio-degradable. You can turn the ones which have just been ‘pee-peed’ on into compost for your garden!(I do a bit of gardening and I can’t imagine saving a soaked diaper when I can safely flush it away-but the option is there.)

The company recommends starting off with 4-6 cloth pants and buying packages of the liners as you need them. There is a starter-kit, which allows you to try out the system for a bit less money.

One of the best benefits is the fact that parents are raving about how gentle g-diapers are on babies’ skin. The liner really keeps the ‘contents’ inside, preventing diaper-rash. I may take the easiest route at certain times: disposables, but I plan to buy and try g-diapers when this baby comes. If they’re easy enough to use, gentle on baby’s skin and are an environmentally better choice, I’ll be sold! Look for the g-diapers website; it includes a list of stores where they are sold, if you don’t want to order directly from the company. They can also be purchased from

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