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The Milestones Nobody Writes About

The Milestones Nobody Writes AboutFellow blogger Brit recently posted about her favorite things about children of different ages. I saw this as a great opportunity to write a blog post about a few funny stories that have been on my mind. Until I read Brit’s post, I wasn’t sure how to give them any coherency.

My daughter is just approaching five months old, and in the past month, seems to be learning something new everyday. To answer Brit’s question… What’s Your Favorite Thing About Your Baby Right Now?…

My favorite thing about my five-month-old is her new discoveries and adventures each day! (And based on Brit’s post, I can look forward to this continuing for the next year or so!)

  • Since I introduced solid food a few weeks ago, she now tries to feed herself! This is an adventure everyday, twice a day. Her favorite food is string beans. Yesterday, apparently, I wasn’t feeding her fast enough, because she picked up the bowl with both hands and started eating straight from the bowl. I gave in and let her have the spoon, and she made little scooping motions in the bowl and then put the spoon in her mouth. You should have seen the look of surprise on her face when (with my help) she actually got some string beans onto her spoon, which then made it into her mouth!
  • Two days ago she discovered the water running from the faucet into the bath tub. She reached out, trying to touch it, so I moved her baby tub closer to the faucet. Now she loves holding her hand under the running water during her bath.
  • A few days ago I blew a raspberry at her. She began laughing, and then stuck out her little tongue and did the same thing right back at me. We ate dinner at a restaurant the other night, and she was trying desperately to get the attention of the couple in the booth next to ours. When nothing else worked, she blew a raspberry at them. Uh-oh.
  • Just last night, she reached out to touch her image in the mirror and, to her amazement, realized it was flat – not actually another baby over there! She turned around to her Daddy, then, and touched him. I guess she was making sure he was really there. Then she turned back and touched the mirror.
  • For the past week or so, she’d been taking every opportunity to try to get her foot in her mouth. The other day, my husband came out of the nursery looking slightly irritated but mostly amused. “She’s started sucking on her toes,” he said. “It makes it quite difficult to change her.”

I laughed. “Oh, so she finally figured that out, huh?”

It’s also a lot of fun to see her suddenly take interest in a toy she didn’t care about at all a week ago. The whole world is brand new to her, and, as I see things through her eyes, the most mundane parts of life become intriguing to me, as well.

I guess these are the developmental milestones you don’t read about in the parenting books.

Parents, what were some of your favorite moments in your infant’s life that mark the next stages of development?

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