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The Amazing Standing Diaper Change

The Amazing Standing Diaper ChangeBabies, who are awkward creatures at the best of times, can fight diaper changes tooth and nail. Traditionally, babies are changed lying on their backs, and while this is workable for non-mobile babies, once they can roll away or crawl away or get up and run away and laugh at you standing impotently with wipes in hand, it can get tricky. Especially if baby is not feeling co-operative.

The diaper change done with baby on his/her back is so set in our minds, many moms have never even considered that there are other ways to change a baby. Once a baby can stand up, one of the best alternatives is the standing baby diaper change.

It’s so much easier to bring the wipes and the new diaper to wherever the baby is. If she’s currently standing up and playing with something, change diaper. If she’s on the floor playing with something, put the toy on the couch, let her stand up to get it and change diaper. Simple. Simple? Well, more simple than trying to get her to lie on her back when she’s busy. Toddlers may still run away and laugh at you as soon as their diaper is off, but if they happen to be occupied with something else, they are less likely to.

I used to do this with my son in the bathroom, I’d have him stand by the side of the tub, turn the faucet on, provide a toy and let him splash in the water while I changed him.

Here’s what you are thinking. What about poopy diapers? Yes, even for poopy diapers. Sorry if you are eating, but babies and toddlers who are eating solid food have poop that is quite sticky and it either stays on the diaper, bottom, or wipes so it’s nowhere near as messy as you might imagine. Poopy diapers are best changed in the bathroom though, just in case. It can even be less messy, as there’s no changing pad involved. And if baby is occupied, they are not trying to escape – and you know that’s messy.

Another situation where the standing diaper change can be the better option is in public, and the diaper changing spot in the restroom is not all that clean. Or there isn’t one anywhere. Dads with babies in tow have probably discovered that the men’s room almost never has anywhere for changing diapers. A standing baby or toddler can’t get into contact with as many germs as a lying down baby. I once did a diaper change with my non-walking baby standing on top of the toilet roll dispenser in a stall, while she was holding on to my neck and laughing. Practice this one before attempting and always keep at least one hand on your baby to avoid falls. Being good at the one-handed-diaper-tab-fasten helps here. Us moms are fabulous at doing things one-handed, so that should be a breeze to pick up.

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