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That Wonderful Baby Head Smell

thatheadsmell.jpgAsk any new mom what her favorite smell is. Number one answer: her baby’s head. Isn’t it delicious? That warm, sweet, milky, furry, perfumy baby smell. It takes a couple of days after birth for the smell to start, but once it does it’s overpowering when you get close. My son smelt like sugary cake. It’s the best smell in the world!

When you are having the worst day, instead of stopping to smell the roses, pause, pick up baby, and inhale. It’s legal, it has no side effects, and you can drive after using. It’s highly addictive though. Falling asleep with nose planted in a napping baby’s hair is likely.

Apparently every baby has a unique smell, and moms can recognize their own babies just by smell. Something passed down from our prehistoric ancestors, I believe. I suppose newborns all look kinda alike, especially before the era of today’s thousand different baby clothes stores and spotting your kid by the one-in-gymboree vs. the-one-in-babygap method.

Inhale, inhale, inhale. In no time sweet baby will be stinky teenager. If only they could bottle that wonderful baby head smell!

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