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Ten Toes to Tickle! Reflexology for Babies

tentoestickle.jpgWho knew piggies could help with colds, teething and constipation? Chances are you?ve snuggled a tiny foot in the palm of your hand, next time use the ancient therapy of reflexology to help your baby find comfort.

Before you begin:
Nails should be well trimmed so as not to scratch delicate skin. Watch your baby for signs of discomfort, if they resist then try again later. There is no need to press hard against the sole of their foot, slight pressure will be sufficient.

Begin at the heel and gently press the pad of your thumb to the bottom of her foot, inching your way up to each toe in a line and giving the corresponding toe a gentle rotation and squeeze. This is called ?thumb walking? and is the first basic step in reflexology, helping your baby to relax before you begin the treatment.

Try these techniques to help with:

So cute when they finally pop out, those tiny buds can bother even the calmest baby. To relieve discomfort, gently rub the top of the base of each of toe up to the knuckle for up to five minutes.

Stuffy head:
Red noses belong on reindeer, not on babies. To help your little one clear up congestion, rub each toe in turn. Applying gentle pressure, run your fingers up the top of their foot, following the muscles to mid-foot for as long as your baby will allow or to fifteen minutes, two to three times a week.

A baby?s digestive process is a funny thing. One minute they?re exploding all over the furniture and your mother-in-law and the next they?re corked up tight. To help a sore tummy, rub a line bisecting the foot between the ball and heel, right to left. Press against the soft dip under the ball of the foot of the baby?s left foot, rotating your thumb gently.

To finish your treatment, run your hands over their foot and give a soft squeeze. Oh heck, go ahead and nibble a toe too-who could resist?

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