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Sweet dreams with aromatherapy

Those wonderful first few days of new parenthood. The crying, the screaming, the thumb sucking — and then there’s the baby. No one can prepare you for those glorious days after you bring your new love interest home from the hospital, your bleary-eyes and lack of shower only increase the bonding between you and your sweet baby. After all, she can’t push you away and complain of morning breath…yet.

sweetaromatherapy.jpgAs she grows and her sleep cycles settle, there may be periods of time where she cannot settle down to earn her (and you) much needed rest at night. Aromatherapy, the art of extracting essences from plant materials, may offer some relief. Used for thousands of years as a safe and gentle method for many ailments, within aromatherapy may lay the secrets to a healthful night’s sleep. Try this method suggested by Valerie Ann Worwood in her book The Complete Book of Essential Oils & Aromatherapy. On alternate nights, place a small bowl of boiling water under the crib, though not under the child’s head, and add one drop of Roman Chamomile and one drop Geranium. Close the door to the room so the scent stays within to help soothe and comfort your child’s restless body into slumber. Other oils include Lavender and Mandarin as exceptional for wee ones. One drop of Lavender in the baby’s bathwater before bedtime also helps to ease your tiny one to sleep.

As they grow, they’ll learn to associate those scents with the comfort of sleep. Don’t be surprised if your little one knocks back a few zzz’s when confronted with a lavender-stuffed dream pillow!

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