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Suspicion of more tainted Chinese milk products

A couple of weeks ago it became sadly obvious that consuming something made in China is dangerous. Thousands of babies suffered kidney stones or worse after drinking formula tainted with melamine, an industrial chemical. Worse, it is suspected that the melamine was added intentionally in order to bolster the protein levels.

Until now, you might have said, ‘Wow, that’s sad,’ but not worried about it because your child is not drinking Chinese formula. But your older children’and yourself’could still be consuming melamine-tainted milk products.

In Indonesia, two-thirds of Chinese milk products on store shelves tested positive for the chemical, including cookies, candy, milk tablets, and some drinks. Now, British candy maker Cadbury is recalling 11 products due to suspicion they may include melamine. They are distributed in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Australia. But I wouldn’t breath a sigh of relief just yet.

In tests conducted in several countries, melamine has been found in popular Chinese-manufactured products including Oreo cookies, M&M candies, Snickers candy bars. So now US manufacturers are in on the action. ‘They’ say they are safe. But who are they and why should I believe their claims?

It’s hard for me to fathom that Western corporations still make money by manufacturing goods in China. After millions of dollars lost in recalls, I’d think they’d learn their lesson. Because even though this particular scandal will be cleared up, I still wonder what’s next. Lead paint on toys, industrial chemicals in milk? will we find out there’s something woven into the clothes we wear? I’m paranoid, but I don’t think it’s unfounded.

I’m going to check my calcium supplement right now?

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