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Suri Cruise’s favorite playthings

Suri Cruise's favorite playthingsSuri Cruise is an adorable little girl. I find myself stopping to read captions about her unbelievable wardrobe, her activities, and recently, her favorite play things, when skimming through magazines or visiting celeb websites.

Each photo I have seen so far has featured her with very classic, non-commercial plush characters in tow. There was one with a large plush giraffe, several of her carrying the British bear, Paddington, a few with Curious George and a few with one of my favorites, Olivia the Pig.

I have seen the Olivia books at my nieces’ house and in bookstores and plan to get them for our baby boy. We do have several Curious George books but I don’t recall ever buying our boys a stuffed Curious George.

It’s interesting to me that I have yet to see Suri with a Barbie (okay, maybe she’s a bit young for them), anything in the Disney princess theme, or any character from popular TV shows or movies, like Dora the Explorer. Upon thinking about this, I started to wonder if this reflects any of the values of Scientology, the religion/philosophy followed by parents Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes.

I heard a bit of a recent Tom Cruise interview, in which he said that they tend to deemphasize the material aspect of Christmas in their home. That’s very nice but please-a two year old dressed in Juicy Couture is not lacking in material things!

Based on her favorite characters, I gather that Suri is not exposed to a lot of television but instead exposed more to books. I like this. I like that she totes around Curious George and Paddington the bear, characters which were around when I was a kid. These characters have withstood the test of time. Our kids read about them, love them and we can relate. I’m on a mission to introduce our new little guy to the classics, including Pooh Bear and the Cat in the Hat.

I’ll be looking out for more of Suri’s favorite tag-along pals and playthings.

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