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Sugar Solution Can Ease Injection Pains in Babies

sugarsolutioncanbabies.jpgIt’s something mothers can’t bear to see – their babies in pain. Unfortunately, babies get hurt each time they get inoculated. There are many reasons why parents opt for no vaccinations and this is one of them.

I, for one, am for immunization but my heart bled with each needle prick that my babies got. And since I have twins, I always had to take another adult with me, my husband, my mother-in-law, a friend. For how could I comfort and cuddle two babies in pain at the same time?

A new research study shows that sugar water can ease babies` injection pains. The solution is very weak (25% sucrose) so that parents don’t have to worry about the sugar’s effect on the babies` weight, blood sugar levels and teeth. Babies aged 2 to 4 months old given sugar water had 78% lower pain scores than babies who received sterile water only during vaccination visits.

During the first 2 years of a child`s life, he or she gets more than 20 injections and multiple shots are usually given in each visit. A simple, cheap and safe way to ease a child`s pain during these injections is necessary. Find out about the CDC 2008 Immunization Schedule in a previous post.


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