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Some Tips on Buying Hats and Mittens for Baby

I cant even begin to guess how many shoes, socks, hats and mittens my children have lost. How many of you have ever re-traced your steps in a store looking for the missing article? Isnt it amazing that the article simply is not anywhere to be found My friends and I joked that the earth immediately swallowed such items whole. That HAD to be the reason why we had so much trouble finding lost items.

Now that the weather is turning colder, most of us will be bundling up out little ones before taking them out. I say most because well, its still rather warm where we are located and I dont have to worry yet about bundling my son up.

It is discouraging to keep replacing lost mittens and hats because, at least in my frugal mind, Im throwing away money. This year, Im going to use a different strategy when purchasing these items. Firstly, I am no longer going to purchase the expensive, but cute items. Instead, Im going to choose the cute, yet inexpensive items!

Im going to look for hats that can tie under the chin, or hats that actually cover the entire head and just have a hole for the face. I found quite a few choices at our local store! Im also going to buy hats that are slightly bigger than what I need. My son grew so quickly last year that the hats kept popping off because they didnt fit so well. This makes it easier to lose hats. I also like hats with ear flaps because they tend to fit better so they dont get lost as easily. They also cover more of the head and I believe keep baby warmer.

I like to keep my children in a snowsuit as long as I can because usually snowsuits that are made for infants have mittens built into the suit. This is convenient and keeps your baby warm! When you purchase mittens for you child, definitely consider purchasing the economically priced pair. Theres nothing more discouraging than buying a cute pair of expensive mittens only to have one get lost the very first time the pair is worn. When possible, buy mittens in packs with several pairs. If you cant buy your mittens in quantity, definitely purchase an extra set “just in case a mitten (or the entire pair) gets lost.

I usually tuck hats into coat hoods and mittens into pockets when I take them off. Its a habit now, but it makes it easier to find the items as I know where they should be. If they arent where they usually are, I can assume that theyve been lost. I store extra hats and mittens in a basket that I keep in the closet. I also look for sales on winter items and Ill purchase extras when I can. I find that although I am careful and encourage my children to be careful too, I can expect for each of them to lose several pairs of mittens and a hat or two during the winter season.

Do you have any tips that youve found useful to prevent the loss of mittens and hats?

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