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Puddles: God’s Gift To Toddlers

Puddles: God's Gift To ToddlersWe are in the middle of the spring thaw, and snow, and thaw again. Then soon we’ll have spring rain, and storms, and all of that weather means one thing that toddlers love. Puddles.

I’m encouraging my daycare baby, who is a wobbly try away from her first steps, to get walking so she can splash in puddles. My toddler loves the rain, and he loves his rainboots, and he loves that he can put on his own rain boots (rainboot shopping tip – get the ones with the little handles on the sides for ease of toddler use) and he loves, loves, loves splashing in puddles.

Another puddle tip. On puddle outings, bring a spare pair of pants, and a spare pair of socks. Despite the rainboots, any enthusiastic toddler can splash enough water to get inside the boots.

And enthusiastic toddlers in a slippy puddle are at risk of falling over… so the spare pants are likely to come in handy.

Muddy puddles add another dimension of toddler joy to puddles. Once my son walked into a muddle puddle and squelched and splashed about happily. Then his boots got stuck, and he pulled his feet out walked out without them, squish squish squish. He thought it was hilarious. And since we weren’t on the way to anywhere that we needed to be presentable, so did I.

Splashing in puddles with your kids is fun, it’s great to be outside after the winter. I love that kids love puddles. Puddles are free. Puddles are one of the ultimate simple pleasures.

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