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Parrot Saves Baby Girl From Choking

Parrot Saves Baby Girl From ChokingIn November last year, Megan Howard was babysitting a toddler. She gave the little girl her breakfast, then left the room to use the bathroom leaving the little girl eating a pop tart.

While she was gone, the toddler started choking. But Megan’s Quaker parrot, Willie, raised the alarm by flapping his wings and squawking “Mama! Baby!” over and over until Megan ran back in. She did the Heimlich maneuver and stopped the toddler choking.

Willie recived the Animal Lifesaver Award award from the Denver Red Cross today for saving the little girl.

Well done Willie and Megan for saving the little girl. Although how the parrot knew the little girl was in trouble is beyond me. And because Megan knew about the Heimlich maneuver, she got the food out of the toddler’s throat and saved her from choking.

Perhaps I need a parrot? Well, probably not, and learning how to do the Heimlich maneuver would be much much more useful in an emergency.  Where can you learn how to help a choking baby?

Even if you have taken an adult CPR class, the procedure for helping a choking baby or small child is different for what you would do for an adult, so the best place is at an Infant and Child CPR class approved by either the Red Cross, the American Heart Association, or a hospital.

The American Red Cross offers baby and child CPR courses, you can find you local Red Cross chapter at

The American Heart Association has a directory of other health care and community organizations that offer CPR classes, searchable by your zip code.

The maternity and baby ward of your hospital might also offer infant CPR classes, or have referrals to organizations who offer them.

Here’s a couple of videos to give an idea of what’s involved in first aid for a choking baby, and a choking toddler or small child. Don’t depend on the videos though – the best way to learn is at a CPR class from a trained instructor.

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