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New Concerns On Baby Shampoos and Lotions

newconcernsshampooslotions.jpgA study appearing in the February issue of Pediatrics journal has raised new concerns on the chemicals in baby shampoos and lotions. After babies in the study were shampooed and lotion, their urine were checked shortly after. What researchers found were elevated levels of phthalates. This was even more pronounced in babies younger than 8 months.

Phthalates (pronounced thowl-ates) are chemicals that are usually found in toys, cosmetics, vinyl products. They are used to stabilize fragrance and to make plastics flexible. Although the Food and Drug Administration and the Center for Disease Control considers this a safe product because of lack of substantial scientific evidence saying otherwise, activists have taken a different stand. Some environmental advocacy groups claim that the product causes reproductive problems in humans, based on animal studies. And although the Federal government does not restrict its uses, states like California have been more rigorous in regulating this chemical.

What you can do: look for products labeled phthalates free, or check for common phthalates in labels like DEP, DEHP. You may also try researching other organic baby products which use nothing but natural ingredients like lavender, and other plant extracts.

Source: MSNBC

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