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Naming your baby

babyname.jpgIf you were in love and mushy like me, you’ve probably already discussed possible baby names with your beloved, even before the marriage and pregnancy.And in the first few minutes of finding out that there’s a baby on the way, chances are, you or your spouse will wonder aloud what to name your child. Unless, of course, the baby’s name has already been decided before. And all throughout the pregnancy, you will catch yourself searching for baby names and their meaning, writing these down, saying them out loud with your surname.

One of the reasons why we parents are so eager to find out the baby’s sex is so we can already refer to the bump with a specific name or nickname, rendering the bump unique. Instead of saying, “We’re expecting.” you can now say, “We’re expecting Baby Angeline in June.” or “Our little Pyro is due next week.”

Your baby’s name will add or take away from his personality, growing up years, maybe even job and romance opportunities in the future. Do you give him a common name that everybody easily remembers, or a name so unique nobody can spell it? Do you make him a junior, a third, or the fourth of somebody long dead? Do you name him after famous characters in books or movies or your favorite anime, or do you go the traditional route and combine parents or grandparents’ names? Do you name your child after celebrities or after their babies?

And since children are naturally gifted to reduce even the loveliest of names into something atrocious, no parent can really safeguard their child completely from playground teasing. Still, it would be wise to anticipate the more obvious ones, decide if the name is worth the trouble, before committing to it. ‘Adolf’ would probably be pretty common in Europe but anywhere else, your child may have to be perpetually greeted with the Heil sign.

We named our son Rubeus Iakob for the following reasons:

RUBEUS Latin for “ruby” it is considered a stone of power and passion, bestowing energy and willpower and counteracting lethargy. Ruby is also associated with health and long life and was adopted by alchemists to symbolize the philosopher’s stone (elixir of life). Rubeus is also the perfect name to represent three generations of Arevalos that went before Yakee: Jesus Reuben (father), Ruben (grandfather) and Jesus (great grandfather).

IAKOB Greek name for Jacob (Hebrew) meaning “he who supplants” (supplant meaning ‘to supersede another especially by force or treachery; to take the place of and serve as a substitute for especially by reason of superior excellence or power’). The Biblical Jacob, whose firstborn son was named Reuben, was blessed immensely by God.

Some friends say the name is ‘cool’. Some friends are surprised I didn’t name our child Albus or Sirius instead. Some friends say it sounds like a name of a virus. I rather think it sounds vampiric. However which way, the name is done.

Unless he grows up and decides he wants a name change, that is.

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