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My Sweet Sleeping Baby

Possibly my favorite time of the day is when my son has just fallen asleep for the night. I love looking at his sweet sleeping face. I love hearing the little sigh he makes when he’s fallen asleep. I love hearing his restful breathing. I love his little sleep twitches, especially when he curls his hand around my arm.

It takes a lot of willpower to not crawl into his little toddler bed and curl up around him and fall asleep too. Often the willpower fails – but it’s a treat I give myself sometimes instead of working or doing the eternal pile of laundry.

The contrast between the vibrant, awake baby or toddler and the same baby asleepĀ  is so dramatic that us moms have to pause and marvel at how deeply and sweetly they sleep compared to how energetically they live their waking lives. Notwithstanding all those infernal times that they wake up throughout the night – but they look so peaceful when they fall asleep.

When my son falls asleep, I kiss his forehead, whisper how much I love him, that I hope he sleeps well, that I’m looking forward to seeing him in the morning, and tell him a mantra that only he’ll ever hear. I hope he won’t grow up too fast and let me do that a while longer.

It’s the middle of the night right now, I’m just about finished working, and I’m about to go and visit my sleeping son, kiss his forehead again, and take a moment to just feel my love for him before I go to bed too. Sleep tight, my sweet baby.

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