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My Son’s New “Little Sister”

My Son's New "Little Sister"This post might freak out some people who know me… I have one son but this week I’ve got a new baby. OK, she’s not actually mine, I’m doing daycare for a 8-month-old baby.

I’m hoping that this is going to have lots of the advantages of having a real little sister. I’ve got a baby to play with (she’s so cute!) and she’s light as a feather to carry around (two year olds are heavy) and my son can learn all about caring for another person, and make friends with another child in an environment he’s comfortable in.   And, I didn’t need to get pregnant, I don’t have to pay into her college savings, and I get to give her back to her real mom and dad at the end of the day.

There’s been lots of classic baby-toddler behavior. Baby taking toddler’s toys, toddler getting cross, toddler wanting whatever baby has (cheerios and stage 2 applesauce all around for lunch), toddler insisting that mommy loves him and not the baby, toddler refusing to be quiet when baby needs to nap.  I have new-found respect for moms of more than one baby.

And there’s the cute stuff too. She’s fascinated by him. One of his favorite things to do is to burrow under the comforter then pop out, and she thinks it’s a fantastic peekaboo game. He fetches diapers for her, and when she cries, he says she needs a bottle. And he even gave her a hug today. Then they both managed to nap at almost the same time, so there was 30 minutes of peace while baby and toddler were both asleep. Bliss!

We’ve had just one week together so far, so everyone is still getting used to the situation, but I’m really hoping that it works out for everyone. Please keep your finger’s crossed for us!

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