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Moms Talk: Remedies for Your Teething Baby

The Stambek Family (via MySpace) summed up mothers’ sentiments about teething best, saying, “My daughter has just started teething and i have also started to pull my hair out lol… Bless these poor babies’ hearts, I just feel so bad for them when they are teething. They hurt so bad and it seems like there is nothing you can do about it!”

Keeping in mind Ms. Stambek’s plight (and that of Moms everywhere), we asked the BOL community, “What’s your best teething remedy?” Teething tablets won by a landslide, with Infant Tylenol and more natural remedies (everything from icy washcloths to frozen waffles) all making a showing. Here’s what real moms had to say about teething remedies:

Remedies for Your Teething Baby

Teething Tablets (Hyland’s or Humphrey’s) – 13 responses in total

  • Nicole – teething tablets and a cold wash cloth so they can chew on it
  • Mommy to Jada Bug – Teething tablets and something cold
  • *~*MOMMY*~*CALL*~* – Teething Tablets!!!
  • Kristina Hernandez – I liked Humphrey’s teething tablets. They worked wonders.
  • Susan Jones – I second the teething tablets!
  • Stephanie Anderson – We have used teething tablets for all 4 of our kids, they work so fast! I love them so much that when our friends have babies those are one of the things I always put with their gifts!
  • Kimberly Rodgers – Some Tylenol and Hylands teething tabs along w/ their teething gel. Both of my kids got through 2-4 teeth coming it at once on those things!
  • Kimberly Colombo Mitchell – I used Humprey’s Teething Tablets… My pharmacist special ordered them for me… They worked better than Hylands for us.

Frozen Washcloth – 5 responses in total

  • Danielle Howsden – When my kids were teething I took a clean washcloth and got about half of it wet. I would leave it in the fridge for a few minutes. After taking it out the babies could hold onto one end and gum the other. I liked it because you didn’t have to be scared of the teething ring breaking and the washcloth is versatile so they could hold it or chew on it anywhere. P.S. Don’t use an old one with little strings they could gag on or pieces of lint that could come off in their mouth.
  • Andrea Lucero – a wet towel put in the freezer to harden a bit…easy to hold and they love to chew on it!

Infant Tylenol – 4 responses in total

  • Maijken Kerner Brence – Oragel for teething babies and Tylenol
  • Bridgette Beaman – a very small amount of Tylenol and a cold wash cloth

Some Other Ideas to Soothe Teething Pain…

  • Angela – This might sound funny but with my first child I let her suck on beef jerky. It was wonderful for both of us.
  • Megan & Jacob 4 Life – Let them suck on a rag with a ice cube in it!!
  • Viola Player – cold teething rings with water in them and Anbesol.
  • Dannella Nikki Villa – Frozen waffles are amazing.. It collects the slobber and they can chew on it all they want.. My son is 2 1/2 and he still loves frozen waffles.
  • Paula Krawiec Woody – Frozen cloth diapers and frozen bagels
  • Carrie Helms Capps – Get a rubber glove, put it on and rub your finger on the inside of baby’s mouth. They love the rough feeling and it quiets them right down. A doctor showed me once when mine was fussy.
  • Lisa Boden – Breadsticks
  • Mignonne Olivier – I make ice lollies. A true winner
  • Aparna Ganesh – Teething rusks! It gives her a lot of satisfaction and she chews away 🙂
  • Desiree Olson – We put water in the sucking part of her pacifiers. The green ones that they get in the hospital work the best, she chewed on them for hours even after the ice and coldness was gone. It made a small mess but it was worth it to give her some comfort. Pickles too, but she was 10 months old when she got her first tooth.
  • Crystal Pugmire – Wet pacifiers and then freeze them. Popsicles, teether rings and lots of ibuprofin and hugs. OUCH!
  • Krystal L Pepper – Frozen bananas
  • Carrie Helms Capps – A Patient Mommy too!

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